Internet Society Serbia Belgrade Chapter is organizing a panel event at 6pm (CET), December 6, venue: CZKD, Bircaniniva 21, Belgrade, Serbia

There is an apparent tension between 5G and net neutrality. The 5th generation of wireless service will integrate in everyday life. 5G networks will be designed to enable the use of different technologies in different sectors of society be it health care, transport, public safety – just to mention a few. These will require different features of connectivity: latency, bandwidth, reliability. These can be used in combination depending on the situation, in other words, “slicing” the network according to the needs at hand. Yet, net neutrality relies on the view that “all bits are created equal”, that is to say, Internet Service Providers must treat all traffic equally.


How can 5G, which requires “network slicing” according to connectivity needs, be in tune with the goals of net neutrality? We invited a group of speakers to take a closer look.


Thomas Lohninger –

Maja Mitić – Serbian Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL)

Slobodan Marković – United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Bojan Kovačević – Vip mobile a member of the Telekom Austria Group

Moderator: Aranđel Bojanović, Internet Society Serbia Belgrade Chapter